Discover a flexible payments solution that compliments your telemedicine system

If you are providing or want to provide telehealth service, Liquid Payments can help!

Our advanced patient payments system is designed for both in-office and remote care. As telemedicine continues to grow, it also adds a unique challenge to patient payments. Liquid Payments answers that challenge with a modern, end-to-end patient payments solution that handles all types of patient care.

Liquid Payments’ platform helps you:
  • reduce the cost of collection
  • eliminate patient statements
  • automatically post in to any EMR/practice management system
  • improve cash flow
  • increase revenue and decrease write-offs
Plus, your patient experience is enhanced:
  • patient convenience
  • patient engagement

How TeleCharge works, easy as 1-2-3!

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Streamline your payment process

Simplify for your

If you are overwhelmed with the transition to telehealth, we will guide you through the process. Our dedicated team will give you the power to simplify your payment platform within days. Your practitioners can dedicate more of their time to your patients and your payments are processed instantly. View all transactions in real-time, have funds directly deposited into your account and access patient payment information immediately. Our clients are pleased to say goodbye to payment paperwork.

Simplify for your
virtual patients

Patients love knowing exactly what they owe and enjoy the convenience of having payment options at the click of a button. Your patients can choose from paying their full balance to setting up a payment plan, right from their phone. No more waiting for a bill in the mail, no more confusion and all at the touch of a button utilizing the most advanced technology to seamlessly integrate with your EMR or practice management system.